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Wool and Natural Fibres


Today’s end-consumer is more mindful of the ecological footprint left from production, services and processes in general and from textile manufacturing in particular. We believe we have both a moral and commercial responsibility to try to make a difference. Finrock International works closely with the entire supply chain (grower to consumer) enabling an environmentally responsible alternative to the current standard route which is largely driven by cost/ price.


Finrock International services a select number of clients and markets, providing them with predominantly the world’s best quality Australian wool; in any of the following forms: ~ raw (greasy) state, ~ early stage processed state (scoured, carbonised, sliver/open tops) ~ yarn. The company specialises in pipeline management, where the retailer, in response to consumer demand, communicates its needs directly with the grower, forging a transparent relationship based on mutual prosperity and long-term co-operation.


In addition, Finrock International manages market, currency, quality and credit risk for a carefully selected customer base. Finrock International Pte Ltd is an independent entity with strong links to Australia. The company has aligned itself globally to access wool and other natural fibres (e.g. cashmere) from Australia or anywhere globally where natural fibres are produced. If your need is restricted to early stage processing, we can process on your behalf. We can also assist with introductions to suitably co-operative partners world-wide. We can also provide excellent, competitive and tailor–made logistical global services for wool products.

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