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Securities Trading, including wool


As the financial and economic map of the world is constantly being re-written, the ability to manage business expectations spanning cultural boundaries is Finrock International’s key asset. Our client-base shares our view that although cost is a determining factor in today’s business dealings, the integrity and ability to handle adversity is equally important. We have the required expertise to ensure that a mutually beneficial outcome is achieved with every relationship entered into.


Finrock International Pty Ltd (Aust) acts as a principal and JV partner with rigorously selected associated entities. The main areas of securities trading include commodities, currency, property and art.

The financial instruments we use vary from equity to derivatives; they are determined by objective, timeframe and
capital requirement per individual transaction. Finrock International’s trading philosophy is based upon entrepreneurship
combined with common sense. Our company’s business style is both flexible and pragmatic. With any financial transactions, risk is a naturally existing factor. While generally accepted that there is a correlation between financial risk versus financial reward, our approach is to embrace, manage and minimise that risk; our job is to make this equation 
favourable to our partners and ourselves.

Our securities trading programs are tailor-made, developed in partnership with our long-standing clients. Each client’s core business largely determines the nature of the strategy we implement. We invite your company to contact us to discuss any specific area of interest. Please note: we do not offer public advice as specific licensing is required for such services.

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